Excellent 5 Bed Villa For Sale in Dominica Caribbean

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Property • 5 room(s) • 5 Bed. • 1737 m² • Ref: UMCB-T3215

Excellent 5 Bed Villa For Sale in Dominica Caribbean

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Thanks to its warm climate, fabulous coastlines, and laidback atmosphere, Dominica continues to be one of the most desirable places across the world to be at any time of year. On offer here a fantastic opportunity to make a shrewd investment into this magnificent part of the world with this stunning apartment.

The living room approximately 7m x7.5m, has porches on the north, the main entrance,approx.3m x 7m, and on the south 2.5m x 5 m. The garage, also on the north/east gives access to the kitchen, laundry and toilet. On the east of the kitchen is a drive through space of 13m x 7m.giving access to the kitchen. On the west of the living room is locked entrance to the bed rooms. There is small bedroom 3.3m x 4.3m with a tubbed bathroom on the north of the bedroom space.

On the south is another bedroom 5m x 4.2m, also with a tubbed bathroom. Travelling west in the bedroom space, is a linen closet on the south. The master bedroom has a locked entrance. On the north side is a his and hers walk in closet. On south is the master his and hers bathroom with a jacuzzi and bidey. Further west is the bedroom itself 6.8m x 7.5m .

There are 2.3m porches on the west and south side of the bedroom. On west end of the living room is a flight of stairs giving access to the lower section of the house. At the bottom of the stairs on the south is a 5m x 4m bedroom with a tubbed bathroom. Opposite this bedroom is a laundry room. Further west of the laundry room is another bedroom 5m x 4m, and next to that is a bathroom. Further west is the living room 5m x 5.2m with a 3.3m x 3.6m kitchen on the south.

There are also 2 meter porches on the south and western sides of the living room. There are steps on the west side of the living room, giving access to the lower section of the house which was converted into a two bedroom rented apt. The garden takes the whole length of the south side of the property with mango, pawpaw, sugar apple, orange, bananas, coconut and other shot crops on a slight slope. The property is partly fenced. There are only two houses on the north side well away from the property. There are no houses on the immediate west, none on south and none on the east.


Dominica is situated at the northern end of the Lesser Antilles, lying between the two French island of Guadeloupe to the north and Martinigue to the south. The island is 29 miles long and 16 miles wide. The highest mountain, Morne Diablotin is 4,747 feet. Rich in natural beauty, the nature island has small coastal towns, rugged mountains, friendly people, abundant seas and a river for each year.

Pristine and well preserved, there is no better place to immerse yourself in authentic Caribbean culture than on Dominica.

On November 3, 1978, the island attained its independence from Britain. The new era of freedom and independence brought increased challenges as well as economic and political struggles. By the mid-1980s, though, Dominica had settled down as a stable and peaceful country. The success of the banana trade, the island's major export, brought economic buoyancy to the island. By 1992, however, Dominica saw sharp declines in banana exports with the loss of its preferential access on the UK market.

Today, the Government of Dominica is investing heavily in tourism to drive economic development, focusing on the island's unsurpassed natural beauty, and the popularity of diving, hiking, wellness and eco-tours.

Whether it's the rush of exploring pristine coral reefs teeming with life, contemplating the cool tranquillity of laying behind a rainforest waterfall, or reconnecting with a world full of unique history and authentic Caribbean culture—there are so many ways to discover Dominica.

The Waitukubuli Trail located in Dominica is the longest hiking trail in the Caribbean at 115 miles long it is made of 14 segments, beginning in the southern village of Scott's Head, and ending in the north at Cabrit's National Park.

The native Dominicans speak English as their national language and a dialect called patois due to the French influence.


* 1737m2 living space

* 5 Bedrooms

* 5 Bathrooms

* Massive potential in the holiday rental market

* Stunning views

* Close to essential amenities like such as supermarkets and pharmacies

* Close to many excellent bars and restaurants

* Great base from which to discover other fantastic areas of Dominica

* Many excellent sports facilities, fishing, walking and cycling areas nearby

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Living1737 m²
Land1737 m²