House for sale, Rua Guilherme Gomes Fernandes, in Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal

Vila Nova de Gaia
House with flats • 13 room(s) • 13 Bed. • 1080 m² • Ref: ZMPT548719
Identificação do imóvel: ZMPT548719

Building in disrepair, with constructive capacity for housing, commerce, services, equipment, hotel establishments, restaurant or beverage establishments.
3 floors (ground floor and 2nd floors), subject to conditions established by the PDM and the Municipality.
2 fronts (north, south)
land area: 1,080m2
Located between Rua Guilherme Gomes Fernandes and Largo Joaquim de Magalhães, Ribeira de Gaia (Caves), Union of Parishes of Santa Marinha and São Pedro da Afurada.

"Fully owned building with no floors or divisions susceptible of independent use.
2-storey building with 1division on the 1st and 12 rooms on the 2nd
Allocation: Warehouse and industrial activity
Year of registration in the matrix - 1988
License of use: Exempted, property built before 1951
Energy certificate: declaration of exemption.
Total land area: 1,080m2
Building implantation area: 1,080m2
Gross construction area: 2160m2
Gross dependent area: 1,080m2
Private gross area: 1,080m2
(The information provided is part of, and does not exempt, consultation of the original documents existing at Gaiurb).

This property is classified in the PDM of Gaia as:

Buildability in Type 2 Mixed Use Areas

Article 44 - Identification and Characterization
The areas of the Historic Center correspond to the oldest consolidated fabrics of the city of Gaia and comprise:
a) Type 1 Mixed Use Areas;
b) Type 2 Mixed Use Areas

Article 45 - Uses
1. In the Historic Center areas, the aim is to enhance the recreational and tourist aspect anchored in the unique nature of the existing heritage, the reinforcement of the housing component and the installation of equipment on a local, municipal and metropolitan scale.
2. Dominant uses in the areas of the Historic Center are housing, commerce, services and equipment.
3. Complementary uses are pre-existing ones, as well as hotel establishments, catering or beverage establishments, warehouses and industry, provided that they do not contradict the provisions of article 12 and contribute to enhancing the general objectives established for the historic center. .

Article 46 - General building rules
1. In existing buildings, the interventions to be carried out must privilege their rehabilitation.
2. for areas of articulation with adjacent buildings, the application of the provisions of paragraph 1 of article 43 may be waived in these areas.
3. It is possible to build new buildings in free-standing buildings, admitting a contemporary architectural language, taking into account the height and alignment of the surroundings, the integration of the roof as well as the rhythm and size of the spans.
4. Except for legal impediments, in urban operations for the reconstruction and conservation of buildings, the maintenance of the pre-existing ceiling is allowed.
5. The urban planning operations that result in works on the roofs will have, as a rule, the dominant expression of pre-existence, namely the use of red clay tile, allowing special solutions duly substantiated as long as they do not affect the general composition and have a compatible visual impact. with pre-existence.
6. The intentions to be made in this area must promote and safeguard the defense of the panoramic image of the Historic Centre.

Article 48 - Buildability in Type 2 Mixed Use Areas
1. In these areas, alterations are allowed, provided that the height of the ridge and the exterior walls are simultaneously altered, up to a maximum limit of 10% of the heights of the heights of pre-existing buildings.
2. Expansions of the gross construction area that are possible within the pre-existing built volume or resulting from the application of the previous number are permitted.
3. In new buildings in plots or open spaces, the height and alignment of the surroundings must be taken into account, allowing a maximum height of up to 4 floors.

Article 49 - Demolitions
1. Total or partial demolitions are allowed in the following cases:
a) For reasons of ruin that jeopardize the safety of people and property.
b) When they have as objective new building works, whose project represents a programmatic, formal and functional added value compared to the characteristics of the pre-existing building;
c) When intended for the expansion of public space, creation of green corridors or accessibility axes constant in study or municipal plan.
2. Partial demolitions are allowed in the Type 2 Mixed-Use Area when intended for the introduction of new uses, provided that the structural metrics of pre-existence are respected.
3. In the Type 2 mixed-use area, in case of total demolition not intended for reconstruction and in situations of alteration or expansion, paragraph 3 of the previous article applies since
Article 50,- Parking
In the Historic Center, the general rules for the provision of parking provided for in this plan apply, and the City Council may waive them in the situations expressly mentioned in the same or with the aim of avoiding unbearable traffic overloads for the local road network.

Chapter II - Equity Values

Article 131 - Scope
The architectural heritage referred to in this section includes:
a) Classified properties and those in the process of being classified listed in the Conditioning Plan and listed in Annex III to this regulation;
b) The joint properties and sites identified in Annex IV, delimited in the safeguards letter of the planning plan and described in the Architectural Heritage sheets, are divided into the following levels of protection:
i)Full protection(I);
ii) Structural Protection(II)

Article 132, - General conditions
1. Any intervention in properties or inventoried areas must contribute to their safeguarding and enhancement, respecting, regardless of the typology or proposed protection category, the characteristics
2. Without prejudice to the provisions of article 17, the total demolition of buildings or other constructions, of complementary areas and public spaces listed in inventories is only permitted in the following circumstances:
a)For exceptional reasons of obvious public interest;
b) By risk of imminent ruin.
3. In the works of total or partial demolition of properties or inventoried areas, a previous survey (photographic and drawn) must be required, and historical research on its genesis and development up to the current situation may also be requested.

Article 134 - Complementary Areas
1. The complementary areas are made up of the public areas of inventoried buildings and other areas adjacent to the same ones bordering the public space, by the areas with heritage value of an identical nature to those, even if not directly related to buildings, and by the entire area corresponding to the center Historic.
2. In these areas:
a) The urban planning discipline is identical whether it is integral protection(I) or Structural protection(II);
b) Constructions intrusive to the overall legibility of that space must be demolished;
c) New constructions are admitted, under the terms of the respective category of space, provided that they allow the maintenance of the elements of interest identified, namely in the respective sheets;
d) When the relevance of the original vegetation cover exists or is clear, it must be maintained and valued;
e) The alignments and scale of the urban fronts that make up the public space must be safeguarded;
f) The formal image of the traditional walls or fences to be maintained must be preserved.

Article 135, - Complementary Areas on farms
The complementary areas in farms, which correspond to farm spaces or parts with relief in the rural landscape, apply the discipline of nº 2 of the previous article, being still prohibited the uses of industry and storage.

Article 136 - Public Space
1. In public spaces subject to the level of full protection (I), the original composition of the elements that configure them should preferably be safeguarded, namely, the existing alignments, the scale of walls or facades, the paving with original materials and the existing afforestation .
2. In public spaces subject to the level of structural protection(II), their safeguarding may, in duly justified cases, be limited to maintaining the structural elements of identity and image of these spaces.

There are several benefits that can be taken advantage of, you can consult this Gaiurb website:

40 m from the waterfront - Douro River (1 min. walk)
150m from the Cable Car Station Cais de Gaia (2 min. on foot)
500 m from Ponte Luís (6 min. on foot)
900 M from Jardim do Morro Metro Station (11 min. on foot)
16 km from Leixões Cruise Terminal (28 min by car)
19 km from Francisco Sá Carneiro Airport (24 min by car)
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Living1080 m²
Land1080 m²

Vila Nova de Gaia

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Energy efficiency ratingNo data
Environmental (CO₂) impact ratingNo data