Regus - The Hive


CHF 709

Meyrin, Nant D'avril 50 - Regus The Hive

Office • available now • Ref: IWG_HIVE

Originally built in 1968, this renovated coworking space is located in The Hive, a bustling business park in Meyrin, less than 5 km from Geneva Airport. Nature occupies a special place here, with 39 different varieties of plants that blend harmoniously into the simple metal architecture of the property. In addition, the presence of a wooded area and abundant green space allows employees to enjoy a quiet and productive environment. Inside, a central atrium runs through the three floors of the building, topped by a glass roof so that visitors can enjoy maximum natural light. The property is conveniently located a seven-minute walk from the Veyrot bus stop, while 1 km away the tram and buses serve the Hôpital de la Tour stop. If you are fascinated by particle physics, Microcosm is a must see. This interactive museum is based at CERN headquarters. One of the largest and most respected scientific research centers. And take the opportunity to go to the Synchrocyclotron for a guided tour of one of the world's first particle accelerators. Price for 2 places of work from CHF 709.- / month Parking: CHF 185.- / month




Usable20 m²

Nant D'avril 50 - Regus The Hive