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Hello, my name is Michael TRAVERT and I am affiliated with the network iad France. I officiate in this capacity as a real estate advisor iad at BÉZIERS. I am very familiar with this sector and its peculiarities. Every day, I practice with passion and conviction my profession as an independent real estate advisor in BÉZIERS. Price per square metre, surface, apartment or house, desired locations? all this information, are essential to know when you want to carry out a real estate transaction. They will help you define your real estate project precisely. Thanks to my role as a real estate advisor at BÉZIERS, I provide you with a tailored and personalized support that will help you to have as many elements as possible before you decide to buy or sell your property. You will benefit from my daily support in your prospecting to find your future acquisition. I also offer my network and my experience as an iad real estate consultant in the geographical area where you want to settle. I also have the advantage of being an independent real estate advisor. This gives me significant flexibility in my business. So I can easily go free to AND around BÉZIERS, and be by your side at all stages of your real estate project if you feel the need. Buying or selling property in BÉZIERS, I will be happy to advise you on all practical aspects related to your project. Don't hesitate to call on me, your real estate advisor, to BÉZIERS.
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